Passiflora Ligularis


Passiflora Ligularis

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Strong vines carry large, attractive, greenish-white flowers, which produce absolutely huge, almost spherical, orange to yellow fruits. The fascinating outer shell is slippery and hard like an egg-shell, and has soft padding on the interior to protect the easily-chewed black seeds which are surrounded by sweet, aromatic, transparent pulp, rather reminiscent of pineapple. These fruits are best eaten like a hard-boiled egg by cutting off a piece of the hard shell and scooping out the tasty flesh, which contains vitamins A, C, and K, phosphorus, iron, and calcium. It is native to the Andes Mountains between Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia, growing as far south as northern Argentina and as far north as Mexico. Outside of its native range it grows in the tropical mountains of Africa and Australia, and is now common in local markets of Papua New Guinea.

Sowing Advice

Seeds should be sown in early spring in soil-based compost, at 20 C. Seedlings should be grown on in small pots before being planted out in early summer where they have good, strong climbing support. Although these are most fruitful grown in the ground outside in hot countries, they will do very well in a large container in a conservatory. They are very vigorous once established!

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Classification:Greenhouse climber

Packet Content:8 (Approx)

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