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A denizen of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and moist areas along the Eastern Seaboard where, in rich moist soil, its bizarre pink cones of small-packed, fragrant flowers, studded with blue anthers, create an unbelievable visa from May onwards. This lovely member of the lily family has dark evergreen, lance-shaped, and parallel-veined leaves that form a basal rosette, occurring usually in wetland habitats, which are saturated, but not flooded, with water. In the USA this rare rhizomatous plant is Federally listed as endangered and threatened, and it is rare and elusive in commerce. Needs care to grow but worth any trouble!

Sowing Advice

Seeds may be sown at any time of the year onto a well-drained compost and just water the seeds in until most have disappeared. Keep the pot moist at a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees C in a well-lit position. Seeds should germinate within 2 to 6 weeks but may take much longer so do not discard the seed tray. Pot on small seedlings into 3" or 7cm pots until of a size suitable for final planting into a large shallow pot standing in water or outside in a boggy place in warmer countries.

Key Facts


Common name:Swamp Pink

Classification:Hardy perennial


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