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This unmistakeable orchid, which can grow to over a metre in height, is widespread throughout the Mediterranean region. The strongly fragrant flowers are from a combination of white and green to dark pink and purple, with bright markings on the lip which is divided into three lobes. Although with care this terrestrial orchid can be grown almost anywhere within the temperate zone, it is difficult to grow from seed which must be simply sown where desired on the garden, preferably onto undisturbed, weed-free soil. Thereafter entails a long wait before the tiny seedlings appear.

Sowing Advice

Important. Do not sow seeds in pots or trays, they will not germinate. Just sprinkle directly onto undisturbed ground, or even a wild grassy area. Please be very patient as they are very slow indeed to come up and you will see no seedlings for at least a year. Do not move them until fully-grown as they grow best where they have chosen to germinate. Please be patient as they are worth the wait.

Key Facts


Common name:The Giant Orchid, Barlia robertianum

Classification:Hardy perennial


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