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Although it is one of the most beautiful flowering bulbs, this neglected Mediterranean treasure is all but unknown to gardeners. In the wild, its brilliant white starry blooms sometimes cover the ground in their thousands, creating a fantastic spectacle. But trying to find this fantastic dwarf bulb in cultivation is virtually impossible. The sparkling white upturned flowers are much larger than those of the taller growing Ornithogalum species, with six petals, marked on the outside with a green stripe.

Sowing Advice

Seeds may be sown at any time of the year onto a well-drained compost and covered about 5-10 mm deeply. Keep the pot moist at a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees C in a well-lit position. Seeds should germinate within 2 to 6 weeks but may take much longer so do not discard the seed tray. Pot on small seedlings into 3 inch or 7cm pots until of a size suitable for final planting into a large pot or outside in warmer countries.

Key Facts


Classification:Hardy perennial, Hardy bulb


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