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One of the very choicest of all penstemons and a challenge to grow, this fabulous semi dwarf plant opens largish flowers of the most intense sky-blue from crimson calyces. Native to the foothills of the Rockies, and adapted to sunny, dry conditions, the leaves are an attractive blue-grey. This is probably the earliest of all penstemons to bloom, in the wild flowers often emerging in late April, sometimes being covered with a late snow. Must have perfect drainage, and is a good contender for a pot for the spring show-bench. Very few good seeds collected.

Sowing Advice

Seeds are best sown in winter or early spring as they benefit from a cold spell in the wet compost after sowing to break their dormancy. We advise covering seeds very thinly indeed with sand or fine grit, a good guide is about the depth of the seed size. They may also be sown at any time and if the seeds do not come up within 4 to 12 weeks the damp seed tray can be given cold treatment in a fridge for about four weeks. These seeds may still take several months to appear so please keep the pot or tray safely. This plant will not stand winter wet!

Key Facts


Common name:Smooth Blue Beard-Tongue, Wax leafed Penstemon

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:10 seeds (Approx)

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