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This lovely dwarf tree fern makes an attractive specimen and can often be found under glass in tropical plant displays across the world. It can be found growing across the pacific islands including Fiji, Hawaii and New Caledonia, the name gibbum having been given because mature plants develop a small stout trunk that can grow to over 1 metre (3ft) in height, but just a few centimetres in diameter. In time the palm like fronds will form a crown about one meter acros, creating a very tropical looking plant. They prefer a warm shaded position, and never let them dry completely out!

Sowing Advice

IMPORTANT! Sterilise the compost either with boiling water. If using the microwave, cover the container, but not airtight it may explode. Sow spores thinly onto damp compost DO NOT water in. Cover pot with cling-film and keep in a well-lit spot at warm room temperature eg a window sill, and preferably above 25 degrees C. Ferns are VERY slow to develop, taking many months, and not weeks. When about 1-2 cm wide plant them into normal compost and grow on.

Key Facts


Common name:Blechnum gibbum

Classification:Greenhouse perennial


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