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These long-lived evergreen trees, native to the Mediterranean areas and into the Middle East, have dense foliage which is shiny, green, round and leathery, new growth being bronze coloured. In summer, male and female flowers open on different trees (dioecious), and as a rule planting at least five trees will usually guarantee at least one of each sex, for pod production as it is widely cultivated for its edible pods, and also as an ornamental tree in gardens. The ripe, dried pod is often ground to carob powder which is used as a substitute for cocoa powder. The word Carat, a unit of purity for gold alloys, was derived from the word carob, due to the uniformity of the seed size.

Sowing Advice

Treat seeds with hot water followed by a 3 day soak. Seeds are best sown about 1 cm. deep and kept at around 20C, and as a rule they germinate in 20 to 30 days but may take much longer.

Key Facts


Common name:Carob, St John's Bread

Classification:Half hardy tree, Half hardy shrub


Packet Content:8 large seeds (Approx)

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