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This is the most magnificent hardy hybrid orchid we have ever discovered as a seedling here. Bearing very tall spikes of deeply coloured flowers it is robust, vigorous and extremely garden-worthy. Quite incredibly, it has the enormous stature and vigour of "Orchid Maderense" (as it used to be called), but also the beautiful spotted foliage of one of the less vigorous species. Seedlings may vary but you will eventually end up with a wide variety of forms and colours. These plants are very slow to germinate and flower but are worth any wait. When in flower, the two metre square patch of these treasures in our cottage garden here in Devon is constantly admired.

Sowing Advice

Important. Do not sow seeds in pots or trays, they will not germinate. Just sprinkle directly onto undisturbed ground, or even a wild grassy area. Please be very patient as they are very slow indeed to come up and you will see no seedlings for at least a year. Do not move them until fully-grown as they grow best where they have chosen to germinate. Please be patient as they are worth the wait.

Key Facts


Common name:Orchis maderense hybrid

Classification:Hardy perennial


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