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This large spreading tree, will slowly grow up to a height of 15 metres or so but the ultimate size is quite variable, dependent on the local soil quality and climate. Well worth growing for future generations, it becomes a very heavy cropper in time. The ideal temperature for longest possible storage of walnuts is just below freezing point, and low humidity, both for industrial and home storage. The combination of both healthy unsaturated fats and high levels of antioxidants, along with rich vitamin content has increased interest in growing nuts in garden or orchards. Surprisingly the humble Walnut is turning out to be possibly the healthiest of all nuts, thanks to its super-abundance of antioxidants.

Sowing Advice

These seeds need a period of stratification to break their dormancy. You can do this by soaking the seeds for 24 hours and then placing them in a sealed freezer bag in the fridge. Do not allow the seeds to dry out. The seeds can then be sown after 6-8 weeks and should germinate normally. Alternatively you can sow the seeds about 4 cm or 1.5inches in a pot and then leave this outside over the winter to allow for natural stratification to occur.

Key Facts


Classification:Hardy tree


Packet Content:3 huge (Approx)

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