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This popular dwarf shrub makese flower heads which typically have creamy-pink buds, opening to a pale apple-blossom pink that fades to white as the flowers mature. Plants grown from seed may be knee-high or up to more than a metre and leaves may be large or small, flat or curled, narrow or rounded, heavily indumented or barely felted. The flowers may be large or small and vary from rather narrow to widely bell-shaped. These stunning hybrids are mostly very compact in growth, with large blooms and very attractive foliage. Flowers borne in late Spring are usually a deeper colour in bud before opening to the most beautiful shades which are strongly influenced by their yakushimanum parentage. Rhododendron yakushimanum has been known outside Japan for barely 50 years, but was quickly accepted as one of the most beautiful rhododendrons in the world.

Sowing Advice

These seeds have already been cold-stored and should be sown on receipt onto a well-drained, peaty compost at any time of the year. The seeds should be just carefully watered in with no surface cover. The seed tray is best left in a cold or cool spot and kept moist, seeds often only germinating very slowly in cool conditions in the spring, regardless of when they are sown, although odd ones may come up at any time. Please be very patient. Plant out in peaty moist soil finally.

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Classification:Hardy shrub


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