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Flowers which secrete a sweet nectar that attracts bats and other pollinators, open in a light-bulb shaped mass at the end of long stalks. When the the flowers die, long, twisted, translucent pods emerge in clusters. With high levels of amino acids, this nutrition- packed bean has an unusual aroma, but in a scrumptious sort of way! Please do not be put off by some of the odd-sounding common names though! Just be reassured that this bean is one of favourite things to eat on this planet. In warmer countries it is revered in market places, dangled up for display, or promoted at the front of the stall, and restaurants that can obtain it hang it near the doorway, luring in the seduced guests. Finally, for those who wish to sample this incredible tasty bean delicacy, apparently this also endows the consumer with the same after effects as obtained by consuming asparagus!

Sowing Advice

In hot countries, sow outdoors using canes or sticks to support as needed. Sow in rows 1-2 inches. Plant a few extra to fill in gaps. Keep well watered and feed weekly. In cooler climes start indoors in spring in gentle heat, planting out in a sheltered spot when the soil warms up.

Key Facts


Common name:Petai, Bitter bean, Twisted cluster bean, Stinker or Stink bean


Packet Content:4 huge seeds (Approx)

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