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This superb variety has bright apple-green flower heads hidden amongst its silvery foliage. Wonderful in floristry as a cut flower. Making an upright, 2-3 m tall, sparsely branched, tree up to 5 m high, it bears leaves which are covered in long shaggy hairs, giving them a silvery sheen, upward-pointing, narrow and lance-shaped turning purplish around the flower head. Young growth is often attractively-tinged red or coppery. Proteas require extremely well drained soil which is both acidic and very low in nutrients, fertiliser containing excess phosphates or nitrates may kill them! Proteas should not be fed with standard liquid feeds. Protea feed is available from specialist stockists. Proteas prefer full sun on a south facing slope in an open unshaded position.

Sowing Advice

Seeds germinate best at around 12C. Proteas thrive in low nutrient soil consisting of 2 parts coarse sand and 2 parts peat and, if available, with added rotted and decomposed leaves. They do not thrive in any medium with high levels of phosphates. HINT: Smoke can stimulate germination. Screw up a page of newspaper, then set it alight outside. Beat it out when half burned away. Shake off the burned portions and mix into the compost.

Key Facts


Common name:green protea, green sugarbush, groenhofiesuikerbos

Classification:Half hardy shrub, Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:4 (Approx)

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