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An exceptional sea holly, adorned in mid-late summer with large collared heads of brilliant steely blue, further enhanced by the dazzling metallic blue hue of the stems. These rise from an open mound of large, mid-green leaves. Much loved by bees, this putative hybrid of E.alpinum has an exquisite ruff that is beautifully divided and of a brilliant blue. Along with the hybrids under E. x zabellii they form the cream of the eryngiums, and are useful for cut flowers when they die back for the season as they keep their attractive structure. Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (RHS AGM)

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds IMMEDIATELY you receive them, at any time of the year, they depend on having several months, sometimes up to a year in cold, damp compost, (NOT DRY IN A FRIDGE) before they will germinate. Keep the seed tray moist in a cold greenhouse or shady corner and do not discard. These fresh seeds can be very slow to germinate but do not use any artificial heat in an attempt to germinate them as it may simply disrupt their germination mechanism causing them to enter even deeper dormancy.

Key Facts


Common name:Oliver's Eryngo

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:10 seeds (Approx)

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