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With a fantastic, quite unique flavour, and high yields, this robust plant produces small compact rosettes with tender leaves that stay round and succulent even when old. Maturing in only 35 days , plants may be cut whole, but are also perfect for cut-and-come-again. (The Brothers Grimm's tale 'Rapunzel' reputedly took its name from this plant, as the eponymous character is named for the 'salad' which her father went into the sorceress' garden to steal. 'Rapunzel' is one of the German terms for cornsalad. Aka, Mache, or Lamb's Lettuce.)

Sowing Advice

Sow seed on soil surface and barely cover and do not allow the seed bed to get really dry. Thin gradually, enjoying the thinnings in an early salad or two. In cooler climates lettuce may be grown straight through the summer, as well as spring and autumn. Rich, moist soil is necessary whilst plants may benefit from a few hours of afternoon shade in hottest summer weather.

Key Facts


Common name:Corn Salad, Lamb's Lettuce, Mache, Valerianella locusta

Packet Content:300 (Approx)

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