Echium 'Blue Towers'


Echium 'Blue Towers'

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Another staggeringly impressive introduction from Plant World. We have for the first time, cross-pollinated 3 different Echiums to produce these new plants. The first year a sizeable rosette grows on a short strong trunk. Early the following year (or rarely a year later), several radiating stems sprout from the crown, bend upwards and reach for the sky. Within weeks, numerous short branches expand outwards from each stem bearing countless thousands of buds. When these finally open here, our customers are amazed as these strong, vertical branches sag under the weight of countless thousands of purple blue flowers. These incredible new plants, with the blood of the perennial Echium fastuosum, can survive for several years, even after flowering so heavily, so do not cut down the thick stems unless you are certain they are dead, as many will actually RESPROUT around the bare trunks in the autumn! This giant may self-seed, but does not become a nuisance here and the seedlings are so visible and easy to pull up (if you have the heart)! The odd variant habit or colour may always appear, so we must respectfully point out that all of our new, and sometimes unique hybrid seed, by its very nature, may produce occasional freaks and oddities. Busy bees also pollinate the many plants we grow here in just a few hectares. It is therefore likely that you may get the occasional surprise variant.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds anytime from late winter onwards, and they do best sown where actually needed, in a well-drained, sheltered spot. Or sow in a seed tray in early spring onto a soil-based compost. No artificial heat is needed, just good light. Seedlings usually appear in 2 to 6 weeks. Pot on into a small pot before planting out in a well-drained sheltered spot, or a large container that may be taken inside. Plants usually flower 12 to 24 months after sowing, and may often vary in habit and flower colour as we have many species growing here, and very many busy bees....

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Key Facts


Common name:Tower of jewels

Classification:Half hardy perennial


Seeds / gram:250 (Approx)