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For about two weeks, beginning in mid-May, this lovely woodland plant produces large, very fragrant flowers, that have gorgeous, inflated yellow pouches and brownish lateral petals, on attractively contrasting dark stems, all above pleated apple green leaves. It is a great challenge to grow from seed, but is perhaps the easiest of the Lady's Slipper Orchids to grow in a garden, being not difficult if it has evenly moist, humous-rich soil, and once established, it can double in size on a yearly basis. It is found mostly in limestone wetlands, only rarely as far south as the Appalachian mountains in the USA. Cherokee people once made a preparation from the roots of these plants that was drunk as a treatment for worms, but we recommend that you just admire the lovely flowers.

Sowing Advice

This plant must be germinated in vitro, that is, on a nutrient base in a sterilised container such as a glass flask or a jam jar. More detailed instructions will be sent with the seeds.

Key Facts


Common name:Vermont Ladyslipper, Greater Yellow Lady's Slipper

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:50+ (Approx)

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