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  1. Pepper  f1 beauty bell


    This early-fruiting sweet pepper is an attractive blocky pepper with large,thick-walled, square-shaped fruits. They start off green and turn fiery red and are high yielding. They are suitable for growing in a greenhouse or in a sheltered position outside. ... Learn More


  2. Black raspberries1


    Very, very rarely available, seeds of this exciting plant produce vigorous and erect black raspberry plants, which are versatile enough to be grown almost anywhere. The fruits have a unique colour with large, almost purple-black fruits full of anthocyanins, which are good for your health, and also have a special distinct 'perfumed' taste. They are less tart than blackberries, which they superficially resemble, and this makes them better for eating fresh, although they also make good jams. Black raspberries are the first raspberries to ripen in the spring - with a very concentrated period of ripeness - and can be harvested in two or three passes. This particular variety has attractive, blush-white canes and is less susceptible to cane diseases and root death than others types. We regret that we have obtained just a few fertile seeds this year, hence the extremely low packet count. ... Learn More


  3. Brugmansia ornage glory


    Multiple, vibrant, deepest orange trumpet shaped flowers up to 30cm in length bloom simultaneously and repeatedly throughout the growing season. Each flower emits a gorgeous perfumed scent especially in the evening making this an idea patio/conservatory plant. Plants are shrubby in nature but tender in colder climates growing from 1 meter to 2.5m. ... Learn More


  4. Calochortus catalinae


    In early spring, this rarely-offered plant opens its large white to lilac flowers which have a purple spot at the base of each petal. Seed for this plant was originally collected in The USA on Figueroa Mountain in Santa Barbara county. It is also found in grassy places near the coast from southern California to Baja. ... Learn More


  5. Cocoaplant2


    Viable cocoa seeds are extremely difficult to obtain, and then are even harder to successfully germinate and grow on. But after much research and trials we have now removed the most difficult part for you. Small young plants growing from freshly-germinated seeds, as illustrated, are dispatched by first class mail. On receipt they must be potted on immediately and kept above 20 degrees, or preferably more, to ensure their health. We regret that the price is a reflection of the great cost we have had to invest in offering these items from carefully-selected, freshly-imported seeds. Please ignore the word "packet above". We offer one carefully packed young plant. ... Learn More


  6. Diana


    This new introduction has a distinctive, attractive purple skin with a white tip. They are resistant to cracking and bolting and are quick to harvest - taking only 35-40 days from sowing to reach maturity and can be succession sown from spring until early autumn. ... Learn More


  7. Echinops spinossisimum 2


    Certainly the spiniest and most beautifully impressive of all "Globe Thistles". Rarely encountered even on its home in the Greek Islands, this compact plant produces attractive spherical heads with bright sky-blue, protruding flowers. The foliage consists of thick, tough, divided, waxy leaves, which are very dangerously spiked all over, and this plant is best admired and not touched! Very, very few fertile seeds are ever produced, most plants giving no seeds at all, hence the low packet count! ... Learn More


  8. Erigeron alpinus baby daisy


    Only recently developed, this beautiful, exceptionally dwarf, bone-hardy alpine has golden-eyed bright mauve, rather than pinkish daisy flowers. These burst open from late spring to early summer, above a slow-growing, semi-evergreen cushion. A perfect butterfly and bee plant! ... Learn More


  9. Erysimum jumbo orange


    This new gem from our ongoing breeding programme possesses a full hand of aces! The seeds, collected individually as they ripen, should produce unique, enormous, hardy perennial plants which make strong stout stems, almost trunks, in their second year. Plant them out as small plants, they will not thrive in a small pot, and it is essential they are given room to grow unhindered in an open position, when they will spread out into a solid dome of branches clad in evergreen leaves. In the following late winter to early spring, (and ours flower earlier than all other perennial erysimums we grow,) they will produce an amazing, long-lasting display of fragrant flowers. They are predominantly orange, deeper-veined in red, but you will invariably discover plants with other colour shades. One of the distant parents was 'Erysimum Bowles' Mauve', but this new strain is far more vigorous, and being seedlings they are virus-free. ... Learn More


  10. Gloriosa carsonii


    This very rare, beautiful, slender, tuberous climber opens exquisite, exotic flowers, which are chocolate purple edged in lemon yellow, solitary, on long pedicels in leaf axils and usually angled downward with swept-back petals. It is happy either in containers or in warm soil, and is guaranteed to provoke a good amount of attention. It does needs support for the leaf tendrils to cling to and the planting medium should be freely draining, although these gems are tolerant of nutritionally poor soils. When trained into a compact form, it produces a magnificent display and is an exceptional conservatory plant! ... Learn More


  11. Sweet corn incredible


    A sugar-enhanced mid-season sweetcorn variety, this is very reliable, heavy cropping and has an incredible flavour! The plants show good tolerance of common rust helping to keep plants healthy during wet summers. ... Learn More


  12. Iris chrysographes  black knight


    This gorgeous black flowered clone is one of the very darkest irises grown, although the flower colour is in fact a very deep violet that appears black, the falls having an exquisitely delicate golden tracery of veins near the centre. This solid clump-forming, rhizomatous perennial has upright, strap-like, grey-green leaves, and is truly one of the nearest flower colours to black it is possible to grow although seedlings may vary. ... Learn More


  13. Paeonia veitchii


    One of the most common Chinese woodland Peony varieties. It is one of the few species that will bloom and thrive in full shade as well as sun. Dissected ferny foliage under single pink flowers make this a valuable and beautiful addition to any garden. These appear slightly later in spring than some other varieties but they are worth waiting for! ... Learn More


  14. Penstemon ovatus sq


    Most penstemons require rocky, fast-draining soil and so need elaborate rockeries creating. The Broad Leaved Penstemon likes and needs moisture and will usually let you manage with any soil, providing it drains well and contains a fair amount of organic matter. It also gives the most dazzling cobalt blue of any penstemon we have ever seen. ... Learn More


  15. Pepitof1


    A Cantaloupe Melon variety, producing Rugby Football shaped fruit, typically weighing a couple of pounds. The flesh has a deep orange colour and great flavour. The rind features an attractive combination of fine netting and bright green longitudinal bands. Mildew resistant. ... Learn More


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