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    The flat-topped clusters of flower heads come in a superb mix of colours which together with the aromatic foliage will attract bees and insects. Prefers full sun in a border with shelter from the wind. Will flower for many months at a stretch and will slowly spread over the years. ... Learn More


    (500 seeds)

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    Golden Delicious apples really are too well know to need describing! But just in is a versatile garden variety which can be used both as a dessert and cooking apple. An easy to-grow-variety, it produces good yields of attractive golden-green apples that store well over a long period after harvesting. Because of its high yield and sweetness, it is one of the world’s most popular apples, and is quite disease-resistant. Harvested from the end of September to October and before they are fully ripe, they will ripen further in storage, and if left in a cool, dry and dark place they will keep until March. ... Learn More


    (4 seeds)

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    A fantastic mix of frilly pom pom double Aquilegia with the attractive fan shaped foliage of A Flabellata. Colours ranging from red to pink to blues and violets. Perennial and long lived and suitable for many areas of the garden. ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    This fast-growing, bone hardy evergreen groundcover can soon spread to form a generous clump of foliage, topped in late spring with open clusters of golden-eyed, lightly scented white flowers. A handsome addition to the alpine bed or rockery, it can also be used to fill crevices in paving, or dry stone walls. It is also a rare native native to the British Isles, where it is only known to occur in a few locations in the Cuillin Ridge of the Isle of Skye. In addition it is native to mountainous areas of Europe, North and East Africa, Central and Eastern Asia and parts of North America. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    These seeds were collected from the very best forms of wild blackberry growing in our 3 kilometers of ancient Devon hedges we have surrounding Plant World. Habits of the wild form do vary, so special care was taken to select the heaviest cropping bushes which were heavily laden with sweet fruit from mid August until late September. They make the very sweetest and tastiest blackberry jam and preserves you will ever discover! ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    Incredibly long, fat juicy fruits are produced by this extraordinary plant in our fruit garden, trusses sometimes being so heavy that they hang towards the ground. Vigorous branches are best trained in rows rather as with grape vines. Seedling will invariably vary but you will inevitably get some amazing plants from these seeds. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)

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    If you love raspberries, blackberries, and loganberries (which themselves are a hybrid cross between raspberries and blackberries), you will appreciate the amazingly sweet flavour combination of all 3. This rarely seen and thornless plant is named after its creator, Rudolph Boysen, who created the hybrid. Fresh boysenberries, expensive to buy, can sometimes be found at specialist small local farmers’ markets. A very healthy fruit, amongst many others, they are high in vitamin C, folate, and manganese. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    A beautiful deep orange dahlia flowered pot marigold, with multiple flowers standing on stocky short stems. An annual in the UK that will spread gradually if allowed to seed. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    A compact form of chinese aster will frilly double like flowers of a range of colurs. Great for a quick colourful summer display. Moist well drained soil and full sun. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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    Growing in the tropics and sub tropics, this well-known tree produces flowers, and ultimately fruit, directly on hard wood branches or sometimes straight from the tree trunk. The attractive five-petalled pink flowers slowly enlarge to produce a sizeable fruit which is remarkably like an elongated melon. The seeds we sell are as fresh as possible and are sent on a regular basis from a professional collector in Indonesia. Pods have to be at exactly the correct stage of ripeness to contain viable seeds. The cocoa pod has a thick, rough leathery rind and is filled with sweet, mucilaginous pulp (called 'baba de cacao' in South America) enclosing up to 30 large, soft white seeds which become violet or reddish brown when they dry out. These are the seeds which ultimately, after roasting and processing, become cocoa or chocolate. However, not all of the seeds are viable, but we pick out the fertile ones and immediately exclude all air by wrapping them tightly in a plastic skin. In this state they are viable for a month or so, and we obtain a constant supply of fresh pods to ensure some of the seeds are always viable. The actual procedure to germinate them has several stages and must be followed exactly, and we enclose full detailed instructions with every order. ... Learn More


    (4 seeds)

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    The now very rare Field Larkspur is a low-growing annual plant, which is particularly striking because of its beautiful deep blue flower spikes in the darkest, richest blue. It has an excellent vase life too, looking good for a good time. Although these lovely flowers are annual delphiniums, they flower longer and harder than the perennial forms! ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    Vivid swathes of bright yellow, red to brown flowers will flower just two months after sowing making this a great space filler for an instant summer display. Technically perennial in the right place these are best grown as an annual in the UK especially in colder parts. Can be sown in pots/trays or direct to ground. ... Learn More


    (300 seeds)

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    Fragrant, golden-yellow, goblet-shaped flowers, with a bronze-green base and purple markings on the outer petals, appear in February and March with their slender, strap-shaped leaves. These spring-flowering crocuses are perfect for naturalising in sunny, well-drained areas of the lawn. Relatively vigorous in the garden, they soon form large colonies, which can be divided in early autumn for use in other areas. They also work well in pots and window boxes, where you will be better able to take advantage of their sweet-smelling blooms. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    This superbly tasty fruit, the rarest, and possibly the best of all "Custard Apple" species, has reddish yellow, sweetish and very tasty, soft pulpy flesh, (hence the common name), and is very expensive indeed in UK exotic fruit shops. It is often grown in the West Indies, the outside being intriguingly marked with scaly depressions, giving it a most attractive, almost prehistoric-looking quilted appearance. Very few good sizeable shiny seeds are produced, hence the high price. ... Learn More


    (3 seeds)

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    These annual flowering, specially bred compact plants produce flower spikes of densely packed, attractive stock-like dwarf blooms in several colours from pink, mauve, rose, purple, grey, white to shades of blue. Easy to grow, they are Ideal for adding some dazzling character to your borders and containers. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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