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    This excellent 19th Century American heirloom is tolerant across a range of climates, being very resistant to bolting in summer. The almost triangular, loose, jade green leaves have a sharp but pleasant taste and good texture. ... Learn More


  2. ANUBI

    A cherry red Lollo Rossa type of lettuce, with good colour and flavour. This variety can be grown on to form full heads, but is ideally suited for baby leaf production where it can be used alone, or mixed with other varieties to create your own baby leaf salad mix. ... Learn More



    Henderson's Black Seeded Simpson (to give its full name) with sweet and tender, light yellow-green leaves, can be used as an early main crop lettuce, or as a cut and come again baby leaf. This old stand-by is quite bolt-resistant, and given really nitrogen-rich soil, it can get huge. Sow early spring (when the ground has warmed up) to early summer and late summer for autumn harvest. Has performed well in poor soil, grow bags and even in the shade. R.H.S. 'AGM' Award Winner. ... Learn More



    A versatile Iceberg lettuce type which grows quickly to maturity and produces lovely, uniform, well-rounded heads. The leaves are deep green leaves and it features a well closed base. This variety is suitable for succession sowing from spring to autumn. ... Learn More



    An Austrian romaine lettuce, with the excellent taste and texture of a butterhead. The name means "speckled like a trout" and comes from the leaves' distinctive appearance with large splashes of deep red on green. ... Learn More



    With a fantastic, quite unique flavour, and high yields, this robust plant produces small compact rosettes with tender leaves that stay round and succulent even when old. Maturing in only 35 days , plants may be cut whole, but are also perfect for cut-and-come-again. (The Brothers Grimm’s tale 'Rapunzel' reputedly took its name from this plant, as the eponymous character is named for the ‘salad’ which her father went into the sorceress’ garden to steal. ‘Rapunzel’ is one of the German terms for cornsalad. Aka, Mache, or Lamb’s Lettuce.) ... Learn More



    This heritage, medium to large-hearted ‘Iceberg’ lettuce, was the first true iceberg-type lettuce, with a denser head than any European variety bred prior to it. It produces crisp, bright green leaved heads in 90 days, and stands well without bolting during hot summer weather as well as doing well when sown in succession for summer cropping. It is now almost forgotten, but not by knowledgeable backyard gardeners and farmers market growers! ... Learn More



    A splendid French Butterhead lettuce having mild, buttery flavoured leaves and well-formed hearts and excellent resistance to heat and bolting. The attractive, soft, thick crumpled leaves make this lettuce a favourite in many gardens. ... Learn More



    This is the perfect Cos Lettuce, being quick to mature, dwarf and compact, producing crisp, sweet, medium-sized hearts. It is resistant to root aphid and perfectly-suited to sowing March-July outdoors, and is also good under cloches. The solid hearts, which stand for a considerable time before going to seed, are highly esteemed by those who prefer a small, crisp lettuce. If ever a variety deserved its name it was Little Gem! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Also Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany. ... Learn More



    A large, popular, award- winning variety, which is considered one of the finest of the Cos variety. Bearing crisp dark green leaves and firm crunchy hearts this lettuce is packed with flavour and is a favourite in many summer salads. ... Learn More



    This attractive Italian lettuce produces an emerald mound of frilly leaves with a loose heart making it less appealing to slugs than Butterhead varieties. An eye-catching lettuce producing leaves for more than 3 months if they are taken from the outside. ... Learn More



    Lollo Rossa is a pretty Italian loose-leaf lettuce with frilly bordeaux red leaves that taper to green hearts.The crisp texture, mild taste and attractive appearance make them an essential addition to salads. ... Learn More



    This excellent dark oak-leaf variety was developed in Holland and has some of the most attractive frilly dark red-coloured leaves we have ever seen on a lettuce. Mascara retains its colour through the hottest part of the summer and is slow to bolt and sets the standard in its class. ... Learn More



    A famous European heirloom butterhead. This early maturing lettuce is ideal for the early spring plantings under cloches. The leaves are pale green heads tinged with red and the sweet, pale yellow hearts have a pink blush to them. ... Learn More



    A spectacular, good flavoured lettuce, having green outer leaves tipped with deep red surrounding a tightly folded green heart. An easy-to-grow, bolt-resistant, French heirloom, which copes well throughout the year. ... Learn More


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