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In July and August, from a tight rosette of white, silky tomentose leaves arise tiny stems bearing disproportionately large, darker-eyed, deep purple-pink flowers. This exceedingly rare endemic crevice-dweller that grows in Armenia in Gegham on the mountains Sevsar and Agusarka, and in Zangezur on the mountain Mets Ishkhanasar, is in the category of Critically Endangered. The extent of occurrence and area of occupancy is less than 10 km2 and the area of distribution severely fragmented where it grows in the alpine belt at between 3300–3500 meters on rocky and stony slopes and on screes. It was included in the first edition of the Red Data Book of Armenia under Category 1: Endangered species. Very few fertile seeds available of this perfect plant that could be 'best in show' if grown well!

Sowing Advice

Seeds can be sown at any time but are best sown in winter or early spring to benefit from a cold spell in the wet compost to break their dormancy. We advise covering seeds very thinly with sand or fine grit to about the depth of the seed size. If the seeds do not come up within 6 to 12 weeks the damp seed tray can be given cold treatment in a fridge for about four weeks. They may still take very many months to appear, so please never discard the pot or tray.

Key Facts


Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:15 (Approx)

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