Allium ascalonicum


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Shallots can be grown from seed almost as easily as from sets and are much cheaper. They are a great substitute for regular onions, and many professional chefs prefer shallots to their more famous cousins, the onions, and unlike onions their mild flavour does not overpower other ingredients. Historically, they are reputed to have originate in Central or south west Asia, travelling from there to India and the eastern Mediterranean. The name "shallot" comes from Ashkelon, an ancient Canaanite city, where people in classical Greek times believed shallots originated.

Sowing Advice

The best and most reliable way to sow shallots is to sow indoors in trays very early in January or February, with some heat, so that they get going early enough to make nice big bulbs. They will grow on without heat (for example in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse) once germinated. Transplant out about 4"-6" apart once the soil warms up after teh last frost. They don't like shade so keep them well weeded.

Key Facts


Common name:Allium ascalonicum

Packet Content:30 (Approx)

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