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This very fine, hardy, evergreen fern boasts long, elegantly-curved fronds that give the plant an overall attractive shape. The emerging croziers in Spring are a very pleasing feature and are best encouraged by cutting back the faded foliage from the previous season. A sizeable specimen when fully-grown, it has a slowly spreading habit and will add a touch of class to any woodland garden or shaded corner.

Sowing Advice

IMPORTANT! Firstly sterilise the compost with boiling water, or by using the microwave until hot enough to kill all other seeds or living contents, fungal/algal spores etc. Cover the container with a loose lid, but not airtight as it may explode. When cool, sow spores thinly onto damp compost DO NOT water in, this will bury them. Cover pot with cling-film and keep in a well-lit spot at room temperature eg a window sill. Ferns take many months to germinate. When 1-2 cm wide plant into normal compost in small pots and grow on.

Key Facts


Common name:Western Sword Fern

Classification:Hardy perennial


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