Meconopsis Cambrica Var. Aurantiaca


Meconopsis Cambrica Var. Aurantiaca

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This is the orange form of the normally yellow "Welsh Poppy" with delicate orange petals. It may slowly self seed in the garden, making attractive drifts, but rarely becoming any problem. Seeds usually only germinate in the spring.

Sowing Advice

Sow these seeds immediately on receipt in a cool place keeping the pot or seed tray safely. DO NOT WAIT! It is fresh seed and always takes very many months to appear, usually coming up the following March, regardless of when sown. DO NOT use artificial heat, this will NOT cause quicker germination and may kill the seeds. The best strategy can be to simply finely sow the seeds where needed in the garden. In this way the small seedling always do better when they finally appear in the spring, being very difficult to germinate at any other time!

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Key Facts


Common name:Welsh poppy

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:300 (Approx)

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