Ramonda Nathaliae


Ramonda Nathaliae

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The beautiful sky blue flowers of this rare and lovely plant are similar to, but distinctly different from the more commonly seen flowers of R. myconi. It grows in Serbia and Macedonia, mainly in the east of both countries and is well known on the Nidze mountain near Bitola in Macedonia. It was named after the Serbian queen Natalija Obrenovic and is also known as the phoenix flower, referring to the resurrection of the Serbian state after the destruction during World War I.

Sowing Advice

Sowing advice: IMPORTANT! Sterilise the compost either with boiling water or by using the microwave. If the latter, cover the container, but not airtight it may explode. Sow seeds thinly onto damp compost DO NOT water in. Cover pot with cling-film and keep in a well-lit spot at room temperature eg a window sill. These seeds are VERY slow indeed to develop, taking many months, and not weeks. When about 1-2 cm wide plant them into normal compost and grow on.

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Key Facts


Common name:Natalie's Ramonda

Classification:Hardy perennial


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