Primula Frondosa


Primula Frondosa

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Slightly similar in appearance to Primula farinosa, this delicate plant bears in spring and summer umbels of mauve-pink flowers with yellow centres that are held on upright stems. The silvery leaves are covered in white powder, or farina. Like all members of this group, it requires consistently moist soil to thrive, although overall, it is one of the easiest 'farinosae' type primulas to grow in the garden. It is native to central Bulgaria where it grows on limestone rocks near streams at an elevation of 900-2000 m.

Sowing Advice

Primula seeds may be sown in good light conditions at any time onto a loam-based compost, barely cover so that around 50% are still visible. We never use artificial heat, primulas are COOL germinators! As a rule best temperatures are usually between 10 and 15 degrees C. (e.g. a cool greenhouse or northerly window sill) PLEASE NOTE: Temperatures exceeding 15 C can prevent germination, and above 20 C expect very little germination as seeds can go dormant as a protective measure. Germination can take up to 6 weeks, but sometimes takes much longer.

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Key Facts


Common name:Bird's Eye Primrose, Leafy Primrose

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:30 (Approx)

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