Cyphomandra Betacea


Cyphomandra Betacea

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Like its closely-related cousins the ordinary common tomatoes, the egg-size fruit makes good eating, and is typically made into jams or conserve, although it is recommended that the skin and seeds are removed before cooking. It is easily grown from seed and makes an attractive contrast to the more typical foliage of cannas, gingers and bananas. The roots of this plant are quite tough surviving moderate frosts, and in relatively mild areas usually re-grow from the base. It therefore makes either a fruiting shrub, or even a perennial tree, with a trunk, producing a crop of fruit yearly in warmer countries! Otherwise grow in a large container and overwinter frost free.

Sowing Advice

Surface sow the seeds on sterile compost in a heated propagator in spring. Water the newly germinated sparingly at first as the stems are prone to rot if over-watered. This can also happen to more mature plants growing in the ground. If watering is withheld the plant will usually recover. Pot on into small pots and later into large pots or open ground in warm areas.

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Key Facts


Common name:Tamarillo, Solanum betaceum, Dutch Eggplant

Classification:Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:20 (Approx)

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