Passiflora Manicata


Passiflora Manicata

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From Colombia and Ecuador comes this rare and seemingly newly-discovered, profusely-flowering Passiflora, which opens saucer-shaped, strawberry-red flowers, white at the bases, with short blue and white coronas, and prominent yellow anthers. Whilst red-flowered ones have been available for a long time, this combination is unique. This evergreen to semi-evergreen vine dies back to the ground in colder areas, but will return reliably if well mulched or planted in a sunny location. The fruit is fragrant, smelling like a cross between the purple passion fruit and banana passion fruit, and may be edible, although it can be toxic when unripe. It has been suggested that P. manicata fruit may be hallucinogenic and it is known in Ecuador as ‘diablito’ because of its hallucinogenic properties. Other sources suggest that the fruit is edible, and probably eating unripe fruit (dangerous with any Passiflora) is the problem. The gorgeous flowers will attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects, as well as hummingbirds in warmer climes, because the flowers produce copious amounts of nectar. Although this variety grows in nature high in the mountains of Peru, between 1500-2500mtrs, and shows cool temperature tolerance, it can also be grown indoors as well as outdoors. In the house it can flower all the year round, but in the garden, patio or balcony, it flowers until late autumn.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds, covering them thinly, preferably in spring but can be at any time, in good light, at between 15 and 20 degrees C. Prick out small seedlings into 3 inch/8cm pots containing a John Innes, loam-based compost. Grow on before planting into a large container or sheltered spot outdoors, with climbing support, and be sure to protect them from freezing in winter.

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Classification:Greenhouse climber, Half hardy climber, Hardy climber


Packet Content:5 (Approx)

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