Ipomoea Purpurea


Ipomoea Purpurea

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Morning Glory flowers, aptly named, because they are at their best in the early mornings, each last for just one day - but is replaced the following day by others. So, there is a continual supply of the startling blue flowers on the plant in the growing season. Stems covered with brown hairs bear heart-shaped leaves. It relishes a sunny position, but is quite happy to be planted in dappled shade, as long as there is room for the plant to climb up to the sunlight. But, for top to bottom flowers, a full sun situation is best! It is a perfect ornamental cover for fences, decks, trellises or other structures around the home.

Sowing Advice

Seeds may be sown at any time when you can give adequate heat and light but are best sown in early spring in a propagator, warm greenhouse or on a windowsill for late spring planting. Alternatively sow outdoors March-April.

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Key Facts


Common name:Morning Glory

Classification:Half hardy climber


Packet Content:6 seeds (Approx)

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