Panicum Virgatum 'Heavy Metal'


Panicum Virgatum 'Heavy Metal'

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An absolutely majestic grass forming an upright clump of red-tipped, grey-green leaves above which rise large spires of dancing seed heads, consisting of constantly-dividing gossamer threads holding the large black seeds. This is a truly superb plant and one of the most impressive solitary grasses when grown in a prominent position.

Sowing Advice

Sow at any time, in a well-lit position, into a good, soil-based compost. Cover seeds thinly and keep moist at around 15 degrees C or 60 degrees F. Some New Zealand species can be very slow indeed and may need cooler temperatures before they will come up. Grass seedlings should be potted on and grown on singly, or in clumps for more rapid establishment of a large specimen.

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Key Facts


Common name:Heavy Metal

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:50+ (Approx)

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