Sideritis Cypria


Sideritis Cypria

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From hot, dry Cyprus comes this rare and stunning plant which displays its velvety, silvery-white foliage forming a sparkling dense clump. Then from late spring onwards, surprisingly bright, tall, lime green spikes are held on erect, branching, chartreuse flower stems. The flowers are held in tiers, very much like the herb origano, and are actually cupped calyces which later sport yellow blooms. This is an amazing plant for any dry, well-drained garden, or even a large container. In the wild it is endemic to the Pentadaktylos range where it can be found in only seven locations, and is classed as Endangered D in the national red list.

Sowing Advice

For best results, sow seeds in good light at any time onto a good soil-based compost. Cover the seeds with fine grit or compost to approximately their own depth. We recommend germinating at 15 to 20 degrees C. Seeds should ideally germinate in between 2 and 6 weeks although they make take considerably longer. Pot on seedlings before finally planting out into a container or a well-drained spot.

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Key Facts


Common name:Cyprus Ironwort

Classification:Greenhouse perennial, Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:15 (Approx)

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