Ornithogalum Magnum


Ornithogalum Magnum

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Three-foot-tall scapes bear large, waxy, white, green-striped blooms with yellow stamens in late May and June. This long-lived, easily cultivated and well-behaved, giant snowdrop relative is perfect for the sunny perennial border. On sunless days the blooms will remain closed, rendering them invisible, their petals blending in with the flower stalks. But as soon as the sun appears, a burst of brilliant white stars and bells will dazzle your eyes! A common name for these sun lovers is "Sleepy Dick" (?), referring to their usually late-in-the-day “awakening”. It is a complete puzzlement why this stately species with beautiful white flowers is so little seen in gardens.

Sowing Advice

Seeds are best sown on delivery at any time of the year, 3-4mm deep in good loamy compost. Leave them in a cool place and prevent drying out. The natural temperature increase in spring usually causes germination to occur. Grow on in small pots and plant out either in a larger container or a well-drained spot in the garden.

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Classification:Hardy bulb


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