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    This native of the Mediterranean area is a bulbous perennial forming fleshy, lance-shaped leaves, the strong flower stalks carrying pyramidal clusters of white, star-shaped flowers with a green central vein on each petal in late summer. ... Learn More



    Although it is one of the most beautiful flowering bulbs, this neglected Mediterranean treasure is all but unknown to gardeners. In the wild, its brilliant white starry blooms sometimes cover the ground in their thousands, creating a fantastic spectacle. But trying to find this fantastic dwarf bulb in cultivation is virtually impossible. The sparkling white upturned flowers are much larger than those of the taller growing Ornithogalum species, with six petals, marked on the outside with a green stripe. ... Learn More



    Three-foot-tall scapes bear large, waxy, white, green-striped blooms with yellow stamens in late May and June. This long-lived, easily cultivated and well-behaved, giant snowdrop relative is perfect for the sunny perennial border. On sunless days the blooms will remain closed, rendering them invisible, their petals blending in with the flower stalks. But as soon as the sun appears, a burst of brilliant white stars and bells will dazzle your eyes! A common name for these sun lovers is "Sleepy Dick" (?), referring to their usually late-in-the-day “awakening”. It is a complete puzzlement why this stately species with beautiful white flowers is so little seen in gardens. ... Learn More



    Tall spikes of starry white flowers open in early summer above strong basal rosettes of strap-like leaves. Frost hardy but prefers to live in a well-drained position. ... Learn More



    Tall slender spikes of starry pale green and white flowers appear extremely early in the year, sometimes as early as Christmas. This rare and fascinating British native has the extraordinary quality of having young flower shoots which may be eaten as a vegetable, similar to asparagus. The common name "Bath Asparagus" comes from the fact it was once abundant near the English city of the same name. ... Learn More


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