Impatiens Namchabarwensis Blue Diamond


Impatiens Namchabarwensis Blue Diamond

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Hidden in a remote part of Tibet in the Himalayas lies the world's deepest canyon, the uninhabited Tsangpo gorge, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon! And discovered there as recently as 2003, in the barely-explored Namcha Barwa Canyon was an extremely rare beauty, the first ever deep blue impatiens, that also happens to be easy to grow! This fantastic, fast-growing plant has flowers of the most remarkable sapphire blue with a contrasting white throat, amidst attractive serrated leaves the colour of polished jade. No photoshop-colour needed! Unlike the traditional flat-disk shape of bedding impatiens, these constantly-produced flowers resemble elegant cranes in flight. This priceless new gem (aka Blue Dream) is a perennial species when grown indoors or perhaps outdoors in very mild winter areas. Once you have a plant, to make sure you do not lose it, stem cuttings are quick and easy to root in water in spring, or with more difficulty, in damp sand or gravel in autumn.... although the seeds are sometimes equally slow to germinate. We regret that just a few hundred small viable seeds are available, and these have to be slowly and laboriously individually collected here, hence the high price. We have recently been informed that other online sellers from around the world may NOT be selling or supplying either fresh seeds or the true plant, so please take care.

Sowing Advice

For best results, sow seeds as soon as you receive them onto a good soil-based, (NOT pure peat) compost in a cool, well-lit place (not a fridge), with a naturally varying temperature regime. BARELY cover the seeds with fine sand or grit, as they actually NEED light to prompt germination, and do not allow the pot to dry out. Unlike annual impatiens, these seeds can be very, very slow indeed to germinate, sometimes taking up to 6-12 months, so do not ever discard the seed pan! They do NOT like artificial heat to germinate. These are guaranteed to be grown and freshly collected by us and cold-stored here. We re-grow fresh new plants from our own seed each year, but old plants do best if pruned back in the spring!

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Key Facts


Common name:Impatiens Blue Dream

Classification:Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:4 (Approx)

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