Lapageria Rosea


Lapageria Rosea

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Chile's national flower is a rightful candidate for the world's most beautiful climber. Long, wax-like bell flowers, seven centimetres or more of lipstick red, decorate the twining stems. These vigorous plants prefer shade and need an acidic, lime-free compost, and will grow outside with shelter, and even survive the winter as a tuber if well-drained and protected from severe frost, but better enjoy and preserve their beauty in a shaded conservatory indoors. Very rarely available, we offer freshly-collected seed. This must be sown immediately upon receipt in a cool position.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds about 12mm or 0.5" deep as soon as you receive them in good light, using no artificial heat, but do not let them freeze. Germination normally needs a long or very long period of naturally varying temperature followed by a slow increase in temperature. This may occur within a few weeks but can be up to or even exceeding one year. DO NOT DISCARD THE SEED TRAY. Prick out small seedlings into 3 inch/8cm pots containing a John Innes, lime-free, loam-based compost. Grow on before planting into a lime-free compost in a large container or sheltered spot outdoors, and be sure to protect them from freezing in winter. We must repeat, these fresh seeds can be very slow indeed to germinate, do not over-water or let the compost dry out, and please be very patient.

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Key Facts


Common name:Chilean bellflower

Classification:Half hardy climber


Packet Content:8 (Approx)

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