Bellendena Montana


Bellendena Montana

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This beautiful, primitive, rare endemic plant is restricted to the mountains of Tasmania where it grows in high-altitude alpine and subalpine heaths and woodlands. The showy clusters of pale pink flowers, each of which has 4 pointed segments which spread then curl back, open from red buds. Later appear the brilliant red or yellow fruits, which are oval-shaped, narrowing at the leaf base. Like most proteas, this smallish erect shrub, which has entire, glabrous, fairly succulent leaves, has exceedingly attractive flower, but will be a real challenge to grow well and should walk away with any show-bench prize. This exceedingly scarce plant is the only species of the ancient Bellendena genus, and Phylogenetic studies sometimes place this genus as basal to the rest of the Proteaceae!

Sowing Advice

These seeds have already been cold-stored and should be sown on receipt onto a well-drained, peaty compost at any time of the year. Cover the seeds with a few mm of sharp grit and leave the seed tray in a cold or cool spot and keep it moist. Natural freezing will be beneficial and will assist the breaking of the natural seed dormancy. Seeds sometimes only germinate very slowly in cool conditions in the spring, whenever they are sown, although odd ones may come up at any time. Please be very, very patient indeed, these are good viable seeds. Plant out in peaty,gritty, moist low nutrient soil finally. Grow in a cool, shaded position.

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Key Facts


Common name:Mountain Rocket

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:6 large seeds (Approx)

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