Herb Chia Seed (Salvia Hispanica)


Herb Chia Seed (Salvia Hispanica)

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One of the new 'superfoods' to arrive, Chia seeds are antioxidant rich, rather like Goji Berries. It is claimed that they have 'more omega-3 and dietary fibre than any other food from nature'. Remarkably, when liquidised and mixed with water, they swell to a thick gel, somewhere between caviar and tapioca in texture. In America, chia health drinks are sold, seeds suspended rather like raspberry jam. One of the main attractions of chia is that like flax, it is a plant source of omega-3, the essential fatty acid, that has been shown to have an array of health benefits, such as protecting against heart disease. And even if you only need stronger nails, or more endurance for your workouts, eat chia!

Sowing Advice

For best results, seeds are best sown directly into the ground where required in the spring. Alternatively, sow in late winter/early spring in gentle warmth, 15-20 degrees C. Prick out into small 7cm/3" pots and plant in final position, about 60cm apart, preferably in a good, warm or hot spot, when the plants are established. Collect masses of ripe seeds when the seed heads are completely ripe.

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Key Facts


Common name:Salvia hispanica

Classification:Half hardy perennial


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