Uncinia Rubra Everflame


Uncinia Rubra Everflame

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Uncinia rubra commonly known as Hook Sedge, is a striking ornamental grass with unique characteristics. This cultivar belongs to the Cyperaceae family and originates from New Zealand, where it is found naturally in wetlands and along stream margins. The 'Everflame' variety of Uncinia rubra is celebrated for its vibrant foliage, which undergoes a captivating transformation throughout the seasons. The plant's arching, copper-colored leaves emerge with fiery red tips, creating a flame-like effect that inspired its cultivar name. As the seasons progress, the foliage maintains its warm tones, providing year-round visual interest. Forming dense, clumping mounds that reach a height of about 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm). This compact habit makes it a versatile choice for various garden settings, including borders, rock gardens, or containers. The gracefully arching leaves add an elegant and textural element. Well-suited for moist or wet soils, reflecting its natural habitat along stream margins in New Zealand. Its adaptability to a range of growing conditions, coupled with its distinctive foliage, makes it a valuable addition to gardens with a preference for ornamental grasses. Culturally, the Everflame Hook Sedge symbolizes resilience and dynamic beauty. Its ability to thrive in wetland areas echoes its New Zealand origins, and gardeners appreciate its low-maintenance nature. The striking coloration of the leaves adds a touch of drama to garden compositions, making it an eye-catching focal point or a complementary element in mixed plantings. Whether planted along water features or nestled among other garden perennials, Uncinia rubra 'Everflame' brings a touch of New Zealand's natural beauty to gardens worldwide. With its year-round interest and adaptability, this ornamental grass adds a warm and captivating element to diverse garden landscapes, reflecting the charm of its native habitat. Please note seed grown cultivar seedlings may vary.

Sowing Advice

Sow at any time, in a well-lit position, into a good, soil-based compost. Cover seeds thinly and keep moist at around 15 degrees C or 60 degrees F. Some New Zealand species can be very slow indeed and may need cooler temperatures before they will come up. Grass seedlings should be potted on and grown on singly, or in clumps for more rapid establishment of a large specimen.

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Key Facts


Common name:Hook Sedge

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:30+ (Approx)

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