Beaumontia Grandiflora


Beaumontia Grandiflora

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A most valuable and exceptionally beautiful, evergreen twining plant for the cool greenhouse or conservatory, with rich green leaves that are hairy beneath, and bearing on well-ripened wood an abundance of beautiful, large, white, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers from spring until late summer. A strong and heavy climber, this plant will need a strong structure, as without support it will form a large mound, rather like a wisteria. Although Beaumontia is a tropical vine, it can tolerate a light frost for short periods.

Sowing Advice

Seeds should be sown in early spring in soil-based compost, at 20 C. Seedlings should be grown on in small pots before being planted out in early summer where they have good, strong climbing support. They are very vigorous once established!

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Key Facts


Common name:Easter Lily Vine, Heralds Trumpet, Nepal Trumpet Flower

Classification:Greenhouse climber


Packet Content:8 (Approx)

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