Carrot Chantenay Red Cored 2


Carrot Chantenay Red Cored 2

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An immensely popular variety highly recommended as an early maincrop. It is stump rooted with a short top, a deep orange colour, smooth skin and solid, thick delicious flesh with a small core. The tapered stumps reach 8cm in length and as a shorter variety are good for container planting. They store well into winter. This variety of carrot is classed as a second early (crops mid June to late July).

Sowing Advice

Can be sown under cloches from March onwards and outside from April to July for later cropping. Sow in narrow drills 2cm deep and 15cm apart. Sow the seed thinly to avoid too much thinning out later. Cover the seeds with fine soil very gently tamping it down later. Water with a fine spray if the conditions are dry. The seedlings should start to appear 15 to 20 days later.

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Key Facts


Packet Content:350 (Approx)

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