Canarium Vulgare


Canarium Vulgare

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This is a very rarely offered seed. Clusters of cream-coloured, three-petalled flowers form at the ends of the branches before developing into really large fruits holding almond-shaped seeds which are very rarely available in other countries. The kernels are often consumed locally, either raw or cooked, having a rich, pleasant flavour, when it is highly favoured as a snack, and are commonly used as a far better substitute for common almond. It is somewhat sweeter in flavour, and can even be ground into a powder and used to make tasty bread. Indeed, the seeds are used in a wide variety of dishes by the local people. It has even been reported that adding a strained emulsion of the crushed, well-ripened kernels to cows milk makes it much more digestible (if fed to babies.) We are unable to endorse this though....This attractive, deciduous, fast-growing tree functions as a food tree, shade tree, and also ornamental tree! It is found In: Asia, Cook Islands, East Timor, Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pacific, Papua New Guinea. Very, very few seeds obtained with great difficulty. They have been left with dried fruit on to preserve them. And should you ever decide to break a very hard woody kernel in half, you will see a spooky face looking at you! .

Sowing Advice

Sow 2cm deep into a well-drained, sandy compost, cover with sand or grit and keep moist at between 20-30 degrees C. Seeds will take many months to germinate as the dried protective fruit slowly decomposes, and moisture slowly penetrates the strong, almost impervious hard shell. Do NOT attempt to crack this open, you will kill it. Please be patient. Plant in open ground in warmer countries or a large container elsewhere.

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Key Facts


Common name:Java Almond, "Ghost Nut".

Classification:Half hardy tree


Packet Content:3 huge (Approx)

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