Fraxinus Excelsior


Fraxinus Excelsior

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The European Ash Tree, scientifically known as Fraxinus excelsior, is a deciduous tree with a straightforward, natural appeal. It typically grows to heights ranging from 60 to 100 feet, featuring dark green compound pinnate leaves. The bark starts off smooth and gray, developing fissures and patterns as the tree matures. In spring, inconspicuous greenish flowers appear, and by late summer or early autumn, the tree produces distinctive winged seeds known as "keys" or samaras. Adaptability is a notable feature of this tree, thriving in various soil types and tolerating both full sun and partial shade. Its hardiness makes it suitable for temperate climates and withstands cold winters. The European Ash Tree serves practical purposes, with its timber valued for its strength and elasticity. It's a commonly planted tree in both urban and rural landscapes, contributing to the ecosystem by providing habitat and food for wildlife.

Sowing Advice

The seeds have already been thoroughly cleaned and cold-stored for several months. Sow into a well-drained sandy compost at any time of year, cover to their own depth with sand or grit. Seeds usually germinate in spring, so simply protect from vermin and leave outside over the winter to freeze and allow for natural stratification to occur.

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Key Facts

Common name:Ash Tree, European Ash Tree

Classification:Hardy tree


Packet Content:30+ (Approx)

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