Romulea Bulbocodium


Romulea Bulbocodium

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This species is one of the best-known species from the genus Romulea and is probably the easiest and best species for the outdoor garden. The flowers have 2-3cm long tubular flowers of gorgeous violet-purple, with a white and yellow throat, held on short wiry stems above very narrow wiry leaves. These plants, with the desirable habit of self-seeding, resemble the more common and perpetually popular crocus, with which they are apparently in convergent evolution. It is native to Europe and mainly the Mediterranean region.

Sowing Advice

Seeds are best sown on delivery at any time of the year, 3-4mm deep in good loamy compost. Leave them in a cool place and prevent drying out. The natural temperature increase in spring usually causes germination to occur. Grow on in small pots and plant out either in a larger container or a well-drained spot in the garden.

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Key Facts


Common name:Crocus-leaved romulea, Violet romulea.

Classification:Hardy bulb


Packet Content:60+ (Approx)

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