Thunbergia Alata Mixed Colours


Thunbergia Alata Mixed Colours

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Masses of five-petalled flowers in shades of cream, apricot and orange, each with a deep chocolate coloured centre, stand out against mid-green, almost heart-shaped foliage. A delightful annual twining climber, it will make a fine display trailing up a wigwam of canes, or over a trellis or pergola, or you could try it in a hanging basket, allowing the blooming fronds to trail downwards. A perpetual easy-to-grow favourite.

Sowing Advice

Seeds may be sown at any time when you can give adequate heat and light but are best sown in early spring in a propagator, warm greenhouse or on a windowsill for late spring planting. Alternatively sow outdoors March-April.

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Key Facts


Common name:Black Eyed Susan

Classification:Half hardy climber


Packet Content:20+ (Approx)

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