Cycas Pectinata


Cycas Pectinata

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One of the most attractive and easy-to-grow of all tropical plants, this gorgeous evergreen cycad produces branched stems, each one being topped by a crown of 30 - 40 leaves that can each be up to a meter long after several years. It is often a feature of hotel gardens in warmer countries where it produces a brown, furry, football-sized heart, from which, when it is mature, appears a cluster of attractive, egg-like, bright red seeds. Although it can grow larger in hot countries outside, in cooler countries it makes an imposing, very long-lived specimen in a large pot, and is perfect in a sun lounge or conservatory where it will grow more slowly.

Sowing Advice

Plant the enormous seed about 2" (or 5cm) deep, pointed end upwards, in well drained organic compost. Keep compost only just moist, and maintain pot above 20C until the shoot appears. Grow on in a well-lit spot and keep above 20C.

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Key Facts


Common name:cycad palm

Classification:Greenhouse perennial


Packet Content:1 (Approx)

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