Celery Giant Red


Celery Giant Red

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Giant Red is a reliable trench variety which is a traditional performer and well worth growing. It is very hardy and has a purple tinge to the stalks which turn pink when cooked. It has an excellent, good old fashioned flavour that improves as the weather cools . A very reliable grower with a slightly open habit but will hold until well after Christmas. Popular as a salad vegetable with its crisp, sweet stalks and is equally delicious braised or added to soups and casseroles.

Sowing Advice

Start plants inside about 10 to 12 weeks before last frost. Plant several seeds per cell don't cover deeply as they need light to germinate. Keep soil moist and warm until seeds germinate. After germination, grow inside in a cool location. Thin to one seed per cell. Harden the plants and then set out transplants 6-8 inches apart with 24 inches between rows a couple of weeks before the last frost.

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Key Facts


Packet Content:400 (Approx)

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