Echium Wildpretii


Echium Wildpretii

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Stout, deepest rose-pink spikes of massed flowers, each with protruding stamens holding bright blue pollen, arise from prostrate rosettes of radiating, furry, narrow grey leaves, and if kept quite dry it is quite incredibly frost-hardy. This challenge from the high volcanic slopes of the Canary Islands is certainly the most sought-after of all echium species, and indeed one of the most beautiful and dramatic of all the world's flowers, and success will bring crowds flocking to see it. NOTE: This rare plant produces very few viable seeds which must be collected individually by hand as they ripen. You may grow a percentage of hybrids from these seeds as we grow other species close to them in our gardens and we are only happy to sell them with this proviso. (Hybrids are absolutely fabulous!) These plants are, if there is such a description, technically TRIENNIALS, that is, as a rule they flower in their third year (24 months after sowing) with the flowering stem then dying away. It is therefore a sensible policy to grow several which are at different stages of development and to allow them to self-seed. Please do note though...The odd variant habit or colour may always appear, so we must respectfully point out that all of our new, and sometimes unique hybrid seed, by its very nature, may produce occasional freaks and oddities. Busy bees also pollinate the many plants we grow here in just a few hectares. It is therefore likely that you may get the occasional surprise. So If you discover something remarkable, and are happy to do so, please send us a picture for our website.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds anytime from late winter onwards, and they do best sown where actually needed, in a well-drained, sheltered spot. Or sow in a seed tray in early spring onto a soil-based compost. No artificial heat is needed, just good light. Seedlings usually appear in 2 to 6 weeks. Pot on into a small pot before planting out in a well-drained sheltered spot, or a large container that may be taken inside. Plants usually flower 12 to 24 months after sowing, and may often vary in habit and flower colour as we have many species growing here, and very many busy bees.... Sow seeds before mid summer where actually needed, preferably in a well-drained and sheltered spot, otherwise, sow seeds in spring onto a good soil-based compost at 12 to 20C, seedlings appearing in between 2 and 6 weeks. Pot on into a gritty compost containing very little organic material before planting out in a well-drained, sheltered spot or a large container that may be taken in during the winter. Plants usually flower 24 months after sowing. You will almost certainly get hybrids with E. pininana amongst these seeds which have broader leaves at the seedling stage, but make attractive plants nonetheless.

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Key Facts


Common name:Tower of Jewels

Classification:Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:10+ (Approx)

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