Canna Brasiliensis


Canna Brasiliensis

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A rare plant and one of the very few cannas which is both attractive and can be easily grown from seed. An almost endless procession of delicate red-tipped yellow flowers is produced, each of which forms a most intriguing inflated seed pod. This grows numerous hairy appendages which finally fall off to signify that the large, rock-hard, black seeds are ripe.

Sowing Advice

Abrade a small portion of each seed with sand paper or on a rough brick or similar, then soak seeds for 24 hours before sowing 2cm deep in a good loamy compost. Keep in a propagator or warm place, at between 20 and 25 degrees C, and do not exclude light. Germination can be erratic, usually taking between 2 to 12 months, sometimes longer, so do not discard the seed pots. Pot on small plants frequently in a coarse loose compost to achieve huge plants very quickly.

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Key Facts


Classification:Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:4 (Approx)

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