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    A rare plant and one of the very few cannas which is both attractive and can be easily grown from seed. An almost endless procession of delicate red-tipped yellow flowers is produced, each of which forms a most intriguing inflated seed pod. This grows numerous hairy appendages which finally fall off to signify that the large, rock-hard, black seeds are ripe. ... Learn More


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    This native of the Caribbean and tropical Americas has attractive, bright scarlet flowers on stout stems above broad, handsome leaves. The seeds are small, globular, black pellets, hard and heavy enough to sink in water, and which resemble shotgun pellets giving rise to the plant's common name of Indian Shot. They are reputedly hard enough to shoot through wood and still survive and later germinate and according to the BBC, during the Indian Mutiny of the 19th century soldiers used these seeds when they ran out of bullets. Although not carrying the largest flowers of this group, this one is pr ... Learn More


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    This large Canna species is a striking plant with large ovate leaves resembling a banana plant, a native to forests in South America and the Caribbean, found at moderate altitudes up to 2000m. In late summer terminal inflorescence with small orange-red flowers followed by round, fuzzy, light-yellow fruits appear. ... Learn More


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    Almost certainly the largest and most impressive of the canna family, this absolutely spectacular plant produces dazzling heads of large orange, or sometimes reddish-pink flowers, rising above very large bright green leaves. It is easy to grow from seed, and, like most Cannas, if sown early and given generous treatment, it can flower the first year, when it will make an imposing focal point and give any patio, or very large pot a taste of the tropics. In colder regions the rhizomes should be protected if left in the ground, or dug up and stored over winter. Native to southern Belize and other ... Learn More


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