Melasphaerula Ramosa


Melasphaerula Ramosa

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In late autumn, fans of soft, lance shaped leaves similar to those of the freesias and irises arise, seldom more than 3 to 4 inches in height. In Spring, they flaunt their "fairy bells", each sending up a thin, wiry stem with alternate branches carrying a waterfall of dwarfish blossoms, that tremble in the slightest breath of wind. Every pale yellow or cream flower is less than a centimetre wide, and is etched finely along the centre of the pointed tepals with a fine, darker line. A choice and lovely South African plant, but just a very few viable seeds collected.

Sowing Advice

This means growing from seed, if a supply can be located. Using a sandy compost, sow the small round seeds in Autumn, barely covering them with a layer of sieved medium.The resulting plants will flower within two or three years. .

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Key Facts


Common name:Fairy Bells

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:5 (Approx)

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