Rhodocoma Capensis


Rhodocoma Capensis

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Rhodocoma capensis, commonly referred to as the Cape Restio, is a distinctive and ornamental perennial native to the Western Cape of South Africa. This resilient plant, a member of the Restionaceae family, showcases an architectural grace with its slender, reed-like stems that form dense clumps, reaching heights of 3 to 5 feet. The foliage consists of slender, needle-like leaves arranged alternately along the stems, contributing to its bushy and structured appearance. Come late spring to early summer, Cape Restio adorns itself with small, unassuming flowers surrounded by papery bracts, adding a subtle yet elegant touch to its overall aesthetic. Thriving in well-drained soils and basking in full sun, this plant exhibits remarkable drought tolerance, making it an excellent choice for water-wise gardens. Cape Restio finds its place in landscaping, where its graceful form and adaptability shine. Whether as a specimen plant, in mass plantings, or integrated into mixed perennial borders, Rhodocoma capensis brings a textural interest that enhances garden compositions. With minimal maintenance requirements, occasional pruning helps maintain its shape and promotes healthy growth. For those seeking a resilient and visually appealing addition to their garden, Rhodocoma capensis stands out as an excellent choice, contributing to the charm of Mediterranean and drought-tolerant landscapes.

Sowing Advice

Seeds germinate best at around 12C. Proteas thrive in low nutrient soil consisting of 2 parts coarse sand and 2 parts peat and, if available, with added rotted and decomposed leaves. They do not thrive in any medium with high levels of phosphates. HINT: Smoke can stimulate germination. Screw up a page of newspaper, then set it alight outside. Beat it out when half burned away. Shake off the burned portions and mix into the compost.

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Key Facts


Common name:Cape Restio

Classification:Hardy perennial


Packet Content:25+ (Approx)

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