Lobelia Telekii 'Mt Elgon'


Lobelia Telekii 'Mt Elgon'

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Another giant rosette plant which is stunningly similar to the puyas of the high Andes, and also to the giant echiums that evolved separately, on the Canary Islands, demonstrating convergent/parallel evolution. It forms a large rosette of narrow, hairy leaves that eventually produces a giant inflorescence of creamy white flowers, up to 3 m tall, protected by masses of long, silvery hairy bracts and pollinated by birds. Lobelia telekii is native to the high mountains of tropical eastern Africa and inhabits dry, rocky slopes between an astonishing 3500 and 5000 m elevation on Mount Elgon, the Aberdare Range and Mount Kenya. At 5000 m the daytime temperatures are frequently below freezing. In its native areas, Lobelia telekii takes many years to flower, but in cultivation this is likely to be very much shorter. These seeds were collected at high elevation on Mt. Kenya, near the upper limit of this species where frequent frosts occur. In cultivation, the plants will do best in a large container where they can be protected from excess rain of cold. Also makes a truly memorable house plant baffling everyone who wonders what it is!

Sowing Advice

These seeds have been cold-stored and should be sown on receipt. Sow very thinly onto the surface of a pot containing a mixture of peat, sterilised fine soil or loam, and grit, and very gently water the seeds in. DO NOT cover them with compost. The seed tray is then best left in a warm well-lit spot and kept moist. Germination usually takes only 4-8 weeks at most, but may take much longer. Plant out in well-drained moist soil. Unless you have a suitable climate this plant will do best in a large pot brought indoors during the winter.

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Key Facts

Family:Lobeliaceae, Campanulaceae


Classification:Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:10+ (Approx)

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